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About Mary

I am Mary Stuart, the reigning queen of Mimi’s Kitchen. I was born in the south and raised by southern parents. They moved me to Washington at the tender age of four without my consent. What was I to do at such a young age but agree to the move? So here I am 52 years later held in exile in the north.

My accent is pure Washington but my spirit continues to reside in the south where the food is outstanding, the people friendly, and tics, chiggers, and poisonous snakes are a continual threat.  I think about returning to my southern roots most every day but those thoughts are fleeting mostly because my children and grandchildren live just a very short drive away. I could never leave them, not even for my beloved south.

I am entirely home-taught when it comes to culinary skills but am university taught when it comes to my B.A. in linguistics and M.A. in history. During the day, I am a Latin and Humanities teacher, but my evenings and weekends are full of research, writing, and culinary skills.

Please join me in the kitchen where every recipe has a story.

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