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Thank you for dropping by the grand opening of Mimi’s Kitchen. This new adventure is the result of a lifetime of cooking and inviting guests to eat and chat at my dinner table. I enjoy feeding people, hearing their stories, and knowing that they feel at home at my table. My goal is to open my kitchen to people from all parts of the nation (and abroad) no matter their age, gender, or any other way we might divide people. Put all that aside and come on in.

My style of cooking is down to earth and vintage with lots of southern twists. Many of my dishes include gluten or fat or meat, or carbohydrates but I rarely include artificial ingredients. I might sometimes, though, such as the maraschino cherries I used in mid century Cherry Wink Cookies. To help my friends with dietary concerns I will tag my gluten free dishes with GF and might add other tags as I post more recipes. I have to be careful with many tags such as low carbohydrate or low fat because of legal definitions and other complicated considerations.

I have contests, conversation, and celebrations planned for the coming months. Please subscribe or stop by often to join in the fun and enjoy some time around my kitchen table.

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