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Confessions from The Kitchen

I have a confession to make. I am a bibliophile who has seemingly permanently lost her library privileges. I know I returned those two books. Yes, they were overdue. They were super overdue but that is really the fault of my local library. When they stopped charging overdue fines I quit returning my books on time. But I did return the two books that now have lost fees attached to them. My local librarian is reluctant to believe my earnest pleas for amnesty. I put forth my most charming self and even offered her cookies to make this little problem go away. She held firm. No pay fine. No check out new books.

In the interest of being fair to my local library I offered to super clean out my office to search for the wayward books. It took me two days to empty the space, sort through way too many books, and haul the unworthy titles, including one Danielle Steele, to the local homeless shelter thrift store. Upon my return I sorted and re-shelved the stacks left behind. Those library books did not show up but that is because I returned them! I know I did!

So here is my confession. After carefully clearing my office of 379 unwanted titles and enough closet debris to fill 5 boxes I cleaned the carpet, fluffed the throw pillows, and finally declared the office to be a rather nice space. The bookshelves are still a bit full but they are not spilling over onto the floor. They look inviting and friendly now. To maintain the new look I vowed to refrain from making new purchases until I prepared every recipe in my sizable collection of vintage cookbooks.

My vow lasted exactly 3 hours. It was not my fault. On my way to the grocery store my little buggy snuck into the junk store parking lot. Since I was there I thought it would not hurt anything to walk through the store. Little did I know that someone had recently made a giant contribution of new and vintage cookbooks from all my favorite publishers. My cart was soon stacked with 32 new/old cookbooks. I was tempted to buy them all but I carefully pared 32 down to 3. I am proud of me for that.

So there you have it. The Kitchen is being charged for 2 lost books that I returned! The office is squeaky clean but it does have 3 new books gracing the dusted shelves. I could not help it and I am not guilty. I returned those books!

So maybe I did not have a confession to make after all. My confession is more like a not guilty plea.

Merry Christmas from Mimi's Kitchen and her squeaky clean office.

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