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Adding a Little Millennial to Adulting

I left my loves behind. I did not mean to, but life took its own twists and turns, some good, some bad, and I found myself wandering the streets and missing my kitchen and loves. Papers were graded, the house cleaned, and business was tended to as ciders were sampled but what about family and friends and baking? Why did the cacophony of life have the power to divert me from that which I love the most? Why did I allow the cries of, “URGENT! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!” dictate my weekly rhythm of bake, write, bake, family, bake, friends, write, bake…

How do I prioritize the important and squelch that which thinks it is urgent? How do I balance ‘adulting’ with that which adds a certain je ne se quoi quality to an otherwise business first, adult life?

For the answer to that ages old quandary I am learning to listen to millennials. Millenials have a unique view of life which comes from a bit too much pampering and protection balanced with first world problems, a sense of despair, and, for some, a reluctance to adult. In a sense they are rather refreshing. They rarely hesitate to tell you what they are good at, delight in their own mediocrity, and pat themselves on the back for getting the dishes done or making their own sandwich. My peers, by contrast, groan over the state of their end of winter backyard messes, berate themselves for not emptying the dishwasher before work, and let the sentiment, “Let’s get together sometime” float in the vacuum of life with no intention of making it happen. Not that we don’t want to get together; we simply don’t know how to fit it in between the dishes and the backyard.

I need my own personal millennial to inspire the child within. I need to let go and find pleasure in the moment despite the tasks clamoring for my attention. I need more friend and family time wiggled in between the business of maintaining an orderly home, serving others, and keeping my day job.

I found this pleasure last week when I shared laughs, cider, and cribbage with old friends in my favorite pizza hang out. It was only a two hour laugh fest but it did the soul a week in Disneyland good.

This #adulting Mimi is slowly learning to let some things go just like a millennial. That glass in the sink will wait until evening. The weeds will continue to grow until the first sunny Saturday of spring but friends and family do not belong at the bottom of the ‘to do’ list. Millennials know that.

On the other hand…. There is something to be said for adulting… someone needs to do it.

Call a friend. Make a date. Create a new tag for yourself. I suggest #adultingmillennialstyle

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